Revision Surgery

Gastric band

All revision operations can be performed through Thrive Surgical.

Revision operations include:
  • Band to Sleeve
  • Band to Bypass
  • Sleeve to Bypass
  • Balloon to sleeve or bypass
  • Endoscopic sleeve to sleeve or bypass

Gastric Band Revision

One Stage Surgery

Some patients who currently have gastric bands are finding that their band is not working for them and are undergoing a band removal and a subsequent sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass.

This usually comes down to weight regain, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) or food intolerance, which presents as either intermittent food bolus obstructions or complete intolerance of solids, meaning patients are living on an unhealthy liquid diet.

Less common causes of band removal are enlargement of the gastric pouch, band slippage and band erosion.

Band-to-sleeve or band-to-bypass conversions are usually performed in a one stage operation. A pre operative endoscopy is usually performed to assess the suitability of a patient undertaking the band to sleeve/bypass in one stage. In some cases this may have to be performed as a two stage operation.

It is important to note that patients who convert to a gastric sleeve from the gastric band on average have an excess weight loss of approximately 60 percent at 12 months.

Patients With Previous Band Removal

Sleeve or bypass occurs from 12 weeks to years post band removal once scar tissue has softened and dissipated. This procedure is very similar to a primary sleeve or bypass operations, however careful attention is paid to adequately dissect the stomach at the previous site of the band which may be technically challenging and sometimes avoided by surgeons. If this is not performed properly, problems such as inadequate resection of stomach and sleeve migration into the chest cavity are more likely to occur which can compromise the sleeve and weight loss outcomes.

Please contact us to arrange a quotation for revisional bariatric surgery. If you would like to check your health fund coverage, please check the following item numbers with your health fund:

  • 31585 Laparoscopic removal of gastric band
  • 31575 Laparoscopic Sleeve Resection
  • 31572 Laparoscopic Gastric bypass

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