Thrive Program

We understand that surgery alone is not enough to achieve effective long-term weight control, which is why we have our team of dedicated allied health staff including a dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist and patient liaison to support our patients throughout their journey.

Weight loss surgery enhances our patient’s health and lifestyles. With these needs in mind we have created a program that has been tailored especially for weight loss surgery patients.

  • Unlimited Patient Liaison Support & exclusive app access
  • Dietitian Sessions (4 individual sessions)
  • Health Coaching with our Psychologist (2 individual sessions)
  • Exercise Program (1 individual session)
  • Unlimited Doctor’s review appointments to monitor your progress

Dr Boccola holds in person clinics at Dudley Private Hospital every 1-2 months and is available any day of the week for telehealth appointments. Our allied health appointments are delivered via telehealth and zoom on any day of the week during business hours.  Education resources are delivered via our exclusive App- Care4Today in the format of articles, patient interviews and checklists. The Care4Today- Monitor App assists us in tracking your progress once you get home from hospital. You will be given access to the apps at your first appointment.

Please see below for outlines of the nutrition, psychology and exercise elements of our program.


Thrive Program

The Thrive Nutrition Program helps you to understand your sleeve or bypass with specific education and coaching in:

  • Portion control – so you feel satisfied without discomfort
  • Comfortable eating technique so you can eat a wide range of food in a variety of situations
  • Mindful eating
  • Understanding nutrition and supplements
  • Long term weight control and minimising relapse

Thrive Surgical Nutrition Sessions

Nutrition Session
Step 1: “Liver-Shrink” and “Liquid-Diet”
2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery
• Easy to follow menus and recipes for before and after surgery
• Online slide shows
• Complete menu & recipe guide (book)
• Face to face session with Practice Nurse
• Email and phone as required
Step 2: “Puree Diet”
2-4 weeks after surgery
• Step by step guidance through the puree phase with Circle of Care Dietitian.
• Discuss lifelong supplements.
• Complete menus & recipes
• Phone & email contact as required
Step 3: Transition to solid foods
4 weeks after surgery. Face to face, phone or skype.
• How to eat comfortably with a sleeve or bypass: how much and what.
• Phone & email contact as required.
• Online guides on getting enough protein and calcium, choosing the best and yogurt, crispbreads, snacks
Step 4: Eating review
2 months after surgery Face to face, phone or skype.
• Are you eating enough?
• Online guide for handling social eating.
Step 5: Nutritional review
6 months After surgery Face to face, phone or skype.
• Check blood tests and review supplements
• Continuing email or phone contact as required.
Step 6: 12 months review and beyond
12 months after surgery Face to face, phone or skype.
• Weight maintenance and anti-lapsing strategies.
• Online guide for how to maintain weight guide.
• Online pregnancy guide


We understand that effective weight loss not only involves the stomach but the mind.

Our psychologist will assist you with individual consultations, working with you to:

  • Overcome obstacles and barriers to change
  • Help determine your expectations and set realistic goals
  • Develop strategies that help you to remain focused and motivated
  • Assess whether anxiety and depression, or other mental health issues, may affect your weight loss and devise strategies to help you in these situations.



Performing regular exercise is an important factor in achieving gradual weight loss and long-term weight control. 

Your exercise consultant will present an overview of exercise following surgery, including:

  • Benefits of regular exercise
  • Types of exercise
  • Abdominal and general muscle strengthening
  • Posture and core stability
  • Common aches and pains
  • Precautions for exercise following weight loss surgery
  • Ways to boost your metabolism with exercise, which will promote weight loss
  • Strategies for motivation to exercise

 Your exercise consultant will assess your exercise needs and discuss any physical limitations to exercising that you may face.

You and your exercise consultant will develop an exercise program tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. We will help you with planning long term goals that may include activities such as water exercise, dancing or gym programs. We will also discuss safe techniques that will minimise your risk of injury as you gradually increase exercise and strengthen muscles.

The program will help you to lose weight safely and effectively.

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